Newtopia Planning Environmental Solutions

Around the year 2070, thanks to the invention of the Schessmanweil-Field-Generator through Dr. Hecate Sibonga at the University of Uurd, intergalactical space travel at the speed of light and beyond will finally be feasible. Contrary to current calculations, the time-warping effects at such speeds will turn out to be of a quasi-paradoxical nature. Through a modulation of the warp factor around the n-frequency of a sine shaped Schessmanweil signal with unclear wavelength, the exact time of return from, say, an exploration to Alpha Centauri, the closest star system, can only be predicted with a great margin of uncertainty.

In fact, the return from such an exploration started in 2070 can happen at any moment between the years 2017 and 3013. Very soon, Earth Community will have to start making preparations for returning interstellar space travellers. The plans are to make them all at home in a low-density-community at an undisclosed location, where they can live out their lives in relative peace, yet remain constantly accessible for reports to the scientific community.

Wurster House

Schoen House

Night Ocean House

Space Crystal Breeding Farm

Cross Fell House

Country House with Hip Roof

Scientific Convention Centre “Sindelfingen”

Chalet Beckenried

Country House in the Ardennes with Mack Cube

House “Brussels”

Thatched Half-Timbered Brick House with Newtonian Prism

Bonus: Planetary Suburbian Dwelling Unit with Natural Gas Vehicle


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