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Early Model Space Crystal Inductor

January 25, 2011
Speculative Rendering of a Space Crystal Inductor hovering low over the Surface of the Moon Psychopompos

Space Crystal Inductor hovering low over the Surface of the Moon Psychopompos

This speculative scene depicts an early model Space Crystal Inductor (SCI), hovering low over the surface of the moon Psychopompos which revolves in a large orbit around Pneuma, an unclassified planet of an unlisted star in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The medium-sized gaseous planet Pneuma can be seen in ascent, along with its second moon Klops IX. The SCI is fitted with an embedded crystal of high density, uni-polarized and small-scale. On Psychopompos it hopes to find infinitesimal lodes of rhombohedral methylin-3 crystals which it is to inseminate through its novel Ka-Band TE 21 second-harmonic gyro-TWT amplifier beam, thus catalysing an advanced crystalline growth, resulting in at least one new Space Crystal, which will then commence to levitate by means of its self-generated magnet field, to be guided by the SCI to its new home-planet, where it will be docked to a Human Settlement Unit (HSU), which it will guard and provide with energy on all wavelengths.  Copyright (c) 2017 by Torsten Slama and International Publications Organisation World Wide


Teleportational Gateway on the Planet Uurd

March 30, 2010

The Win-Win Multi-Dimensional Gateway, Planet Uurd, Schessmanweil-Neutopia

The following text is a mildly revised excerpt from “The Manual: Teleportation by Means of the Kind Light and the Diagram of a 4-Dimensional Object.” by Gottstein Strohkopp, P. U. Blisher, Ginnungagab, 2017
4. The above image is a 2-dimensional depiction of a 4-dimensional object. This object is related to a cube in the same way in which a cube is related to a square. We call this object a “Qube”.
5. Concentrate on the image above. Try to see the inherent plasticity of the depicted object. It should gradually begin to appear like a floating, 3-dimensional object, detaching itself from the background.
6. Concentrate more, try to see the regularity of the object. Try to discern one side, of which it has 32 identical ones in total. Concentrate on that side and declare it the side nearest to you. This is your referential plane.
7. Concentrate on the fact that this plane is connected to one plane which mirrors it and is at the same time projected onto three dimensions: a cube. In connection with your referential plane, you now see a “Qube”.
8. Superimpose the idea of the place you want to visit onto the referential plane of the Qube. Make it into a mental, 3-dimensional model of that place. Connect it now to the mirror plane, and project it onto the fourth dimension.
9. Now be extremely careful. Focus your awareness, regulate your depth-perception, contract your field of vision. You should not be able to discern the monitor in front of you, nor any part of your actual surroundings, but only the 4-dimensional image of the place you are going to visit.
10. Concentrate on this image, stop all other thought processes, fall asleep.
Note: once you start this process of teleportation, it is inadvisable to suddenly interrupt it at any point. Sudden interruption at any point will lead to undesirable effects, ranging from mild disorientation to the complete unhinging of all mental faculties, resulting either in temporary catatonia or symptoms similar to those exhibited by patients suffering from Huntinton-Chorea (Veitstanz).
11. You should now awake at your destination. You can move there freely, and return at will by mentally stimulating your sympathetic awareness center.
Note: this does not induce a “dreamlike” state. You will not experience flashbacks, disconcerting locational jumps, or other disturbing phenomena common to dreams. You will actually visit the desired place, you will be able to walk about and even interact with objects. This ability to interact will cease whenever another person comes into perception range. This includes being watched by video devices etc. You will be invisible to others and will not be able to move, you will be in fact locked in position, as long as any other person will be able to perceive you, be it on the auditory, olfactory, or visual level. Therefore you will not be detected. You can either wait in that locked state until the person leaves perceptive range, or return by the method described above.
Copyright (c) 2017 by Torsten Slama and Gottstein Strohkopp

The Herbert-Bayer-Memorial Power Plant

March 3, 2010

The Quasi-Euclidean Boibel-Loth

After two regional blackouts in 2017, The Western Systems Coordinating Instrumentality (WSCI) will institute guidelines to verify that, for grid connected generators, the stated data represents accurate information that could reliably be used in the dynamic modeling of the system. It will be of vital importance for the future of world-wide energy reliability to archive and catalogue all experiences with the applications of WSCI’s test guidelines to mid size units built and commissioned by independent power producers.

The above-illustrated “Quasi-Euclidean Boibel-Loth” is a novel design which addresses concerns with the excitation and voltage control systems and their limitations. It is an example of a generation unit connected at the end of a long line, and demonstrates variances associated with testing and operating under extreme conditions. The concerns and issues observed are of importance to IPPs beyond the WSCI’s system as many other reliability councils are adopting rules similar to those established by WSCI.

Phantom on a Martian Moon

February 21, 2009
Dead Person on a Martian Moon (Computer Collage, Torsten Slama, 2006)

Phantom on a Martian Moon (Computer Collage, 2006)

This collage utilizes, amongst others, geographic details from photographic sources, from a painting by David A. Hardy, a still from the film “Phantom from Space”, a photographic image of  the planet Mars, and the author’s own interpretation of a Saucer-over-Italy-type UFO.  (c) 2017 by Torsten Slama and Gottstein Strohkopp

Mother Ship Projector

February 12, 2009
A Mother Ship Projector (Computer Collage, 2007)

A Mother Ship Projector (Computer Collage, 2007)

The Mother Ship Projector projects a venusian mothership, illustrated by Glenn Passmore, over a very wide range to instill awe in the minds of possible passers-by.