Places to Visit

For insights into the author’s art production before 2006:

Historical Slama Society’s Nalizok Showroom Dept.

If you are interested in the author’s efforts in “Amateur Journalism”, please visit:

International Publications World Wide

A nice animated gif:

Fully operational Meteor Rejector Model Mark I

Or visit the author’s personal favourite website by another author, an intriguing resource for mechanical pencils, cameras, electronics, art, etc.:

Roger Russel’s Gateway to his Homepages

An interesting find for researchers into the history of alternative computer art is this site, which seems to have lain stagnant since November the 4th, 2001, structured very nicely on the model of a many-storied department store:

Flying Saucer Factory

A really amusing story by another amateur journalist, which will help to while away some melancholic minutes:

All Swell That End Swell

(Sadly, the link is broken, group dissolved, and I had sadly failed to privately and unauthorizedly archive this rather amusing piece of short fan-fiction or amateur journalism when it was still time. After all, in these fleeting times, everything will go away at some point in time.)

A very single-minded music serer:

This is in MP3 format and is about 250k so it might take few minutes to load,especially if you have an old 56k modem connection like I do.”

* * *


One Response to “Places to Visit”

  1. peter huijs Says:

    Hi Roger,

    This message comes from Peter Huijs, and I work free lance for a philosophical magazine called Pentagram. I came upon your site and really was thrilled by all the beautiful stuff that is on it.
    Could you be so kind as to grant permission to show a few of your artwork, which then might go with an article on Carl Gustav Jung? It really would be terrific!
    We obviously will mention you and your site and send you a few copies. Thanks a lot in beforehand, kind regards, Peter

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