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March 11, 2009

Holzfabrik/Wood Factory (Oil on canvas, 124x88cm, 2008)

This experimental wood factory, code named “Thomson&Co”, is located  in northern China, 150 km east of the capital. It produces synthetic trees and constitutes a major effort, paid for in part by international trusts, in part by the Chinese government, to combat global warming.

Its future purpose: located on other planets, it will be critical in producing an artificial sustainable atmosphere. (c) 2017 by Torsten Slama


Ausstellung für die Zukunft

March 3, 2009
Exhibition for the Future

Exhibition for the Future

This is the invitation card for an exhibition of four paintings with the theme “Industry”. The paintings are: “Holzfabrik/Wood Factory”, “Zementwerk/Cement Works”, “HYDRA-Hydrierwerk mit aufsteigender Überwachungseinheit/HYDRA-Hydrogenation Plant with Ascending Surveillance Unit”, “Wilhelm-Reich-Raiffeisen-Institut/Wilhelm-Reich-Raiffeisen Cooperative Institute”. AFZ (c) 2009 Torsten Slama