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Phantom on a Martian Moon

February 21, 2009
Dead Person on a Martian Moon (Computer Collage, Torsten Slama, 2006)

Phantom on a Martian Moon (Computer Collage, 2006)

This collage utilizes, amongst others, geographic details from photographic sources, from a painting by David A. Hardy, a still from the film “Phantom from Space”, a photographic image of  the planet Mars, and the author’s own interpretation of a Saucer-over-Italy-type UFO.  (c) 2017 by Torsten Slama and Gottstein Strohkopp


Mother Ship Projector

February 12, 2009
A Mother Ship Projector (Computer Collage, 2007)

A Mother Ship Projector (Computer Collage, 2007)

The Mother Ship Projector projects a venusian mothership, illustrated by Glenn Passmore, over a very wide range to instill awe in the minds of possible passers-by.

The Mysterious Invention

February 11, 2009


The Mysterious Invention / The Positronic Brain, pencil on cardboard, 70 x 1oo cm, 2005

The Mysterious Invention / The Positronic Brain (pencil on cardboard, 70 x 1oo cm, 2006)

The inventor presents a talking, thinking head with a miniaturized positronic brain, able to solve the most complex curvilinear space-time-equations, therefore facilitiating time travel. (c) 2017 by Torsten Slama

A Drawing from 1995

February 11, 2009
Cantina, a Drawing from 1995, from the Torsten Slama Juvenilia Collection

Cantina, a Soft Pencil Drawing on British A4 Stationary from 1995

A youth with an injured right wrist, wearing the then-popular 1970’s revival pods, awaiting his coffee in an imaginary coffee place. This drawing is pencil on fade-prone pink paper in a slightly smaller A4 format, brought with me from the UK. This drawing is part of a series of drawings of characters based on the strangely uncanny characters in a short Sesame Street cartoon. This animation involved a father painting a fence, his son, a UFO, and an extraterrestrian. To see the remaining drawings in this series, please redirect here. (c) 1995 Torsten Slama

Proposal for a Bion Converter

February 10, 2009
Bion Converter (Computer Collage, 2007)

Bion Converter (Computer Collage, 2007)

Proposal for a bion converter on the eleventh moon of a yet undiscovered planet around a red-dwarf-type sun. The bion preparation to be won in this plant will be most effective in the fight against mind-poisoning related deseases.

New Horizons by Sun Ra

February 8, 2009


Image of the Week: The Vaporization of the American Middle Class

February 7, 2009
The Vaporization of the American Middle Class, Airbrush on Cardboard, 2006, Torsten Slama

The Vaporization of the American Middle Class (Pencil and acrylics on cardboard, 70x100cm, 2006)

This airbrush image contains depictions of imaginary asteroid-repelling architecture and a couple of human figures taken from the film “Planet of the Vampires”.  It comes in a handcrafted gold-plated frame with white sides. © 2017 Torsten Slama and International Publications Organisation World Wide